Kahn mixes the rest of the music around Karigan Reggae Drummer’s awesome Rubadub drum stems. John Roy is on tenor and baritone sax, and Alex Heintz on trombone and trumpet. Kahn shows all of the processing he did on his own bass guitar, piano, pluck and rhythm guitar,as well as percussions. Make sure you stay til the end to hear a sneak peek of the vocal version “Pon Da Riddim” by Raphie!

Hermit Dubz

Reggae, Dub. UK style. https://hermitdubz.bandcamp.com/ Hermit Cave productions, Birmingham, UK. Dub music from 19 how long! … The elusive dub hermit, often unseen, toiling away in the hermit cave, meditating on low frequency vibrations. From a very early age, the love of reggae and dub was instilled in him. Moving to England in the 90s as a teenager, he discovered the newly emerging dance music scene and was soon DJing, and creating his own sonic experiments. Over the years, the reclusive Hermit Dubz has been accumulating a horde of dub influenced sonic artefacts, and more recently building the Hermit Cave studios in Birmingham, Uk. After a long period of experimentation, isolation, meditation and contemplation, Hermit Dubz has re-emerged, ready to unleash his musical relics.

Gang of Crows

Gang of Crows are a dub collective based in Málaga Spain, members include Joe Rubio on vocals and Redrum & Profit on the mixing board & production duties. They produce original riddims in a mixture of styles from Rub a Dub to Dancehall, Steppers and Jungle. The set up they use is a Mac book pro running Reason 8 connected to a Saffire Focusrite pro 40 sound card sending 8 channels if audio to a Behringer desk. Along with the audio they send two channels of midi to hardware synths one to a Korg Ns5r (skank & melody) and one to a Korg minlogue (Bass & Lead). On the mixing desk aux channels they use a roland space echo guitar pedal and an old boss multi effects pedal.

YouTube channel – Gang of Crows
Soundcloud channel – Gang of Crows