Dub Effects Masterclass with Tippy I (ft Soundtoys)

Dub music musician and producer Tippy I stops by the SonicScoop channel to show his approach to using plugin effects as part of his live dubbing setup. Using MIDI controllers to manipulate his Soundtoys plugins in real time, Tippy is able to bring compelling human performance to DAW-based music creation and manipulation.

Live dub music, a genre inspired by reggae music, in turn influenced countless other modern genres, from hip hop to pop, experimental rock to EDM. If you are catching this video the week it comes out, be sure to check out the big sale on Rhythmic Manipulation at https://Soundtoys.com

In session with King Shiloh Sound System

Matthijs Diederiks made a short documentary on Bredda Neil from King Shiloh Sound System. In this film, Bredda Neil talks about his roots, the importance of bass and his journey in life. King Shiloh based in Amsterdam, is an international independently operating roots reggae sound system.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Matthijs Diederiks Camera Interview: Roel van’t Hoff, Sound Interview: Lucas van Eck Sound design: MP3 ON WEED Subtitles in portuguese by Luan Ventura All right reserved to Matthijs Diederiks.

The Scientist Dub Supersonic Studio Monitors at Marcel Philipp’s Studio

“The Scientist Dub Supersonic Studio Monitors & Amplifier Set” – New Gear Alert

Legendary sound engineer and dub pioneer, Scientist, also known as Hopeton Brown, has designed for multi-instrumentalist and producer Marcel Phillips, and will soon be releasing on the open market, what he calls “The Scientist Dub Supersonic Studio Monitors & Amplifier Set.” Enclosed in this article are photos and a brief promotional video clip showing a fully finished model of this new custom-made gear, by one of the best in business, that will soon be available for purchase.

Scientist explained he has designed these new studio monitors because: “I’m finding the standard studio monitors and amplifier sets do not handle the jackhammer drum and bass—that reggae or any type of bass-driven music such as hip hop demands—without the amplifiers running out of headroom (and start to clip). And then, the standard speakers that’s made from paper, after awhile the paper gets weaker. If you take paper and keep rubbing it up in your hand, after awhile the paper becomes mushy. King Tubby and I [always used] materials along with spray paint to thicken the standard paper cone back in the 70s. As usual, we started these [techniques], then the world catches up 30 years later.”

The specifications for “The Scientist Dub Supersonic Studio Monitors & Amplifier Set” are “2 X 5000 Watts RMS, and 20 Hz to 20 Khz.” A smaller non-commercial version of this set (for home studios) will also be available for purchase.

For further information, contact The Scientist at 1-323-200-1962

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The Scientist : Playlist

“Here is a partial amount of songs that I have worked on true years past and present and still counting. You will find artists from a to z with many great reggae artists that have mixed in the past and current.”

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Here’s How To Strum Reggae On Guitar

How To Strum Reggae || Full Details on guitar is finally here! This video will explain and demonstrate exactly how to do a single strum as well as a double skank. You will also get a close up of how both the right and left hand coordinate. Please watch the video in full as I also demonstrate exactly where to place the hands to get the best tone for stuck lines.

Dub Music: A Definitive Guide

Dub music has significantly impacted popular music, influencing genres such as hip-hop, dance, and dubstep. In recent years, the genre has experienced a resurgence in popularity, with new artists incorporating its signature sound into their music. Despite its influence and popularity, dub music remains a niche sound with a dedicated fan base and a rich history.

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See MUTUCA dub anyting! Based in Münster, GER and on the tradition of the late 1960s and 70s jamaican engineers and pioneers and their techniques. All analog hardware with all that grit and noise attached to it. ENJOY!