Classics – Fisher Spacexander K-10

This classic spring reverb was utilised in the studios of King Tubby, amoungst others.

The FISHER Spacexpander adds a new dimension -reverberation -to most stereophonic (or monophonic) home music systems Natural reverberation is created by the reflections (echoing) of sound from the walls and ceiling Reverberation is just an echo a sound which reaches the listeners ear a fraction of a second after the sound from the original source is heard For example, in a large room or auditorium a single hand-clap is heard several times -first as a direct sound impulse, then as reflected sounds (echoes) with each one weaker than the one heard a fraction of a second before This dying out of sound is called “decay” -It depends on the size and shape of the room or auditorium, the covering on the walls and ceiling as well as the furnishings, the number of people and other objects contained in the enclosed area Unconsciously we estimate the size of an area by the amount of reverberation (how much the echo is delayed and how long it takes to decay)

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