Scientist Reasons With Musical Heatwave

Scientist rose to fame cutting some thrilling ‘dubs’ in the eighties. As a Prote’ge’ of the Dub Master King Tubby Scientist quickly honed his trade and captured the world with his unique and eccentric mixes. Born Hopeton Brown 18 April 1960 the way how he worked the mixing board was likened to a Scientist in a Lab not afraid to experiment with sounds and effects . The Scientist of Reggae was born!! Daddy Ranks and Norman Gentles caught up with him after a serious mixing session live in London. Scientist wanted to set the record straight re his rights to re released material . and the truth about Tubby’s. Musical Heatwave is focused on bringing you black entertainment related information. Keen to highlight talent in all its many forms, aiding those who have the skills and creativity but not the resources to showcase their gifts to the world.

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