Hermit Dubz

Reggae, Dub. UK style. https://hermitdubz.bandcamp.com/ Hermit Cave productions, Birmingham, UK. Dub music from 19 how long! … The elusive dub hermit, often unseen, toiling away in the hermit cave, meditating on low frequency vibrations. From a very early age, the love of reggae and dub was instilled in him. Moving to England in the 90s as a teenager, he discovered the newly emerging dance music scene and was soon DJing, and creating his own sonic experiments. Over the years, the reclusive Hermit Dubz has been accumulating a horde of dub influenced sonic artefacts, and more recently building the Hermit Cave studios in Birmingham, Uk. After a long period of experimentation, isolation, meditation and contemplation, Hermit Dubz has re-emerged, ready to unleash his musical relics.

Gang of Crows

Gang of Crows are a dub collective based in Málaga Spain, members include Joe Rubio on vocals and Redrum & Profit on the mixing board & production duties. They produce original riddims in a mixture of styles from Rub a Dub to Dancehall, Steppers and Jungle. The set up they use is a Mac book pro running Reason 8 connected to a Saffire Focusrite pro 40 sound card sending 8 channels if audio to a Behringer desk. Along with the audio they send two channels of midi to hardware synths one to a Korg Ns5r (skank & melody) and one to a Korg minlogue (Bass & Lead). On the mixing desk aux channels they use a roland space echo guitar pedal and an old boss multi effects pedal.

YouTube channel – Gang of Crows
Soundcloud channel – Gang of Crows