Dub Effects Masterclass with Tippy I (ft Soundtoys)

Dub music musician and producer Tippy I stops by the SonicScoop channel to show his approach to using plugin effects as part of his live dubbing setup. Using MIDI controllers to manipulate his Soundtoys plugins in real time, Tippy is able to bring compelling human performance to DAW-based music creation and manipulation.

Live dub music, a genre inspired by reggae music, in turn influenced countless other modern genres, from hip hop to pop, experimental rock to EDM. If you are catching this video the week it comes out, be sure to check out the big sale on Rhythmic Manipulation at https://Soundtoys.com

Here’s How To Strum Reggae On Guitar

How To Strum Reggae || Full Details on guitar is finally here! This video will explain and demonstrate exactly how to do a single strum as well as a double skank. You will also get a close up of how both the right and left hand coordinate. Please watch the video in full as I also demonstrate exactly where to place the hands to get the best tone for stuck lines.


See MUTUCA dub anyting! Based in Münster, GER and on the tradition of the late 1960s and 70s jamaican engineers and pioneers and their techniques. All analog hardware with all that grit and noise attached to it. ENJOY!

Create movement with dub effects (in any DAW)

Let’s talk about a timeless classic technique: dub effects. There are three core parts to pulling this off: – a delay unit with a volume control before it (e.g. a return channel) – a delay unit with feedback above 100% (with a limiter to be sure) – use your hands to control the feedback (with a MIDI controller) Once you’ve got this set up you can try different speeds, chaining more strange effects, and creating unique layers. I also recommend bouncing these effect layers to audio to use the best takes. I’ll show this in Ableton Live, but this applies in all DAWs!

Dub Reggae Tutorial: Bosh’s Ableton Beginner Bits

In this video I take you through my usual process for making Dub Reggae. For me, the genre is all about experimenting, but this should give you a solid foundation to start playing around with your own sounds. This video wasn’t planned so I kind of jump around a bit but the geeral idea should be a good jump off point for anyone looking to make Dub Reggae