Kahn mixes the rest of the music around Karigan Reggae Drummer’s awesome Rubadub drum stems. John Roy is on tenor and baritone sax, and Alex Heintz on trombone and trumpet. Kahn shows all of the processing he did on his own bass guitar, piano, pluck and rhythm guitar,as well as percussions. Make sure you stay til the end to hear a sneak peek of the vocal version “Pon Da Riddim” by Raphie!


Very simple dub, more of a proof of concept for the routing of my FX. I routed the drums to a stereo channel as well as most of the riddim section to their own stereo channel. I routed the bass and pluck guitar on their own mono channels, respectively. I used 3 FX – a plate reverb from my guitar pedal, with the WestFinga filter added in via the insert on the return track for the reverb. I also used a delay and phaser from the Lexicon MX200.

Addis Pablo & Dubby Doo – Baby Version (Live Dub Mix at The Dub Dojo)

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